Papier D'Armenie The Kit
Papier D'Armenie

Papier D'Armenie - The Kit

The Papier D'armenie Kit is a trinket travel box that has a drawer divider for storing matches, the Papier D'Armenie Traditional Incense booklet, & a compartment to burn the incense paper on. The French scented strips of paper quickly & naturally deodorize a room & freshen the air. Super handy for that special weekend away!

To use: Place an accordion style folded strip on a compartment, light one end & blow it out quickly allowing it to burn slowly in a bowl. This product burns in less than 2 minutes, but detoxifies & fills the air with an old-world aroma.

The Kit includes a travel case, with 36 strip booklet insert, matches, & tray for constantine.

Made in France