Papier D'Armeni Discovery Box
Papier D'Armeni Discovery Box
Papier D'Armenie Le Coffret Découverte Papier d'Arménie
Papier D'Armenie

Papier D'Armenie Discovery Box

The French certainly know how to create everlasting scents, and these ancient Papier D'Armenie Incense papers are a prime example of how a single paper can ignite the senses. The Papier D'Armenie scented strips of paper have been around since 1885, used to quickly & naturally deodorize a room, freshen the air, or scent a drawer. It is great for your home if you have pets too. This powerful paper burns in 2 minutes with a fragrance that fills & freshens the air.

The new Papier D'Armenie Discovery Box contains 6 individually wrapped booklets!

The “Traditional” booklet & its mythical fragrance x 2

The sweet aroma of the “La Rose” booklet x2

or The oriental fragrance of the “Année Arménie” x2

To use: Fold a single paper accordion style, light an end & quickly blow it out allowing it to burn slowly. Made in France