About Drugstore

Drugstore is nowhere near as insidious as its name. Quite the contrary, in fact. Drugstore is a hand-picked collection of premium, artisan & hard to find products that nourish the body, mind, soul & home. 

Our products have had thought, effort and time put into them for the customer who takes pride in the details. They aren’t chosen for fashionability, rather for their enduring style and the pleasure they will give to everyday tasks. Everything in the store has been tried, tested and debated so we can vouch for their quality, use-ability, durability and good looks.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, we take immense pride in sourcing beautiful products from local makers to place alongside those carefully chosen from Japan, America and Europe. We are constantly on the lookout for and developing new products in collaboration with people known for making the finest products in their field. 

We are proud to bring only the highest quality and most sophisticated products to Drugstore customers. 

With love from Drugstore! X