Papier D'Armenie Traditional Incense Papers
Papier D'Armenie La Rose Scented Incense Papers
Papier D'Armenie Traditional Incense Papers
Papier D'Armenie Armenie Incense Papers
Papier D'Armenie

Papier D'Armenie Incense Papers

The French certainly know how to create everlasting scents, and these ancient Papier D'Armenie Incense papers are a prime example of how a single paper can ignite the senses. The Papier D'Armenie scented strips of paper have been around since 1885, used to quickly & naturally deodorize a room, freshen the air, or scent a drawer. It is great for your home if you have pets too. The primary scent comes from Benzoin a resin from Armenia with other notes  of amber & vanilla. This powerful paper burns in 2mins with a fragrance that fills & freshens the air.

The booklet contains 36 strips. A highly recommended product for any home! 

Available in 3 scents:

Papier D'Armenie Traditional Incense Scent, La Rose, & Armenie Incense Scented papers.

La Rose is the only other scent introduced since Papier D'armenie's first inception 120 years ago. Created in 2006 by the French Armenian perfumer Francis Kurkdjian by infusing the sweet aroma of roses with the traditional oriental fragrance of the Benzoin resin. Place these papers in your drawers, or burn them in a beautiful bowl, and watch as it transforms the tired air around you into an ambrosial oasis. 

The Armenie aroma has incense, myrrh, vanilla, & woody notes. It's warm, spicy, mystical with a hint of the orient. Our favourite!

Created by the famous perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. 

Instructions for use
Tear off one strip, fold it like an accordion and place it on its longest thinest side on a heat-resistant surface. Light it, blow gently so that the paper does not burn up (Papier d’Arménie should burn slowly).

A single strip is enough to perfume the whole house and remove unpleasant odours from cooking, tobacco, pets, etc…

Papier d’Arménie can be used all year round to scent your home and create an atmosphere of well-being.

Some Advice
• Burn one strip at a time, 3 to 4 times a week
• Ventilate your home regularly
• Never leave a burning strip unattended
• Do not leave the product within reach of children.

Made in France